14 May 2009

slow like a sloth...

...week. it has been a very long week and one with little creativity so far. there has been good news and bad news. i am trying my hardest to stay organised but this week has not gone according to plan. no swimming as of yet. i am planning to go after work tomorrow. the dying of fabric is going OK. just waiting for it to dry, ironed, patterns will be drawn, sewn up, folded inside out and then stuffed when i am watching the telly - Flight of the Concords! i have used all of the sky+ to record it and the mister is playing hell. i am off to see how the banana buns are baking then it will be back to the desk to do some drawing of sorts.

1 comment:

Jennie said...

Hi Hun,

I hope you are well, I saw a magazine about Sewing the other day and it talked about the revolution in sewing and I thought 'MR ROBOTINGTON should be in here!'

Jen x