30 May 2009

a page...

...this week has been a very sad week. i have had one of them weeks and looking back, it has been one of them months to be honest. all over the place. bad news and good news all round. while i have time, here is a page from the old sketchbook. potatochop wasn't playing today and so i shouted swearwords at it. mister playstation lion is one of my favourite characters. he is based on the mister. i am trying to develop the lion face range of emotions. i think i am getting there.


Jennie said...

Hope June is a good month for you!


crom said...

aw , we all have months like those, dont despair : D

Im a bit sad myself , I dont think I can afford to put my work on the aoi exhibition this summer : (

are you going to be there?

natural attrill said...

Sorry to hear that you've had a sad week Deb.
Look after yourself.
p.s. love those apples!