05 May 2009


...and imagination. the rain is coming back and i am now drawing indoors. i cant really afford to go into cafes at the moment as we are on a tight budget but there is only so many times i can draw john playing on the ps3. i think i shall dedicate a page to it in the future. i am quite enjoying this challenge i set myself to draw a page or two a day. it is helping me a lot with character development but i can get lazy and just draw lion heads so i am trying to draw more full bodies. in other news, some of my lion sketchbook pages have been accepted to be included within the Sketchbook for Schools website. It is a great resource to help and promote the use of creative sketchbooks in schools. There is further information about it all if you follow the link. i am off now to draw website related things and to draw the harmonica lion on the copper plate.

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Jennie said...

Hi Hun,

The rain has been yucky hasn't it! Glad you keep drawing, good for you hun! You make me want to draw more too!

Jen xxx