04 May 2009

battery is low...

...i do not have the energy to entertain colouring-in as i am super tired from four days at the cafe. i should have picked up the felt-tips but next time i will try harder. i have been working on sorting odds and ends out so that i can do some proper illustration work tomorrow. first on the to-do list is a bit of swimming in the morning and then some observational drawing in the city centre of Manchester. i drew this page last week on thursday. it was raining when i visited the print room in Preston. i also took some new stock to PAD in Preston, it is a very nice gallery and shop place and would recommend a visit. i am a few pages ahead of the page above as i have been drawing straight after work while i wait for my tea and then before i go to bed but tomorrow is a proper out and about drawing day then in after dinner it will be back to the big desk in the office to draw properly. that's what Tuesdays are for. drawing (maybe colouring-in).

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