26 April 2009

sunny days...

...and ice-creams. i have still yet to have my first ice-cream cone of the year. some more sketchbook doodles for you readers to look at. i over heard two ladies talking, one was telling her friend about two cats called Polly and Peggy that she had adopted. i saw someone wearing a nice stripy green jumper, the mister playing the ps3 and i saw a lost pair of sunglasses. i decided to be inventive and changed them into a pair of glasses that a pigeon had found.

i have been trying to update etsy for a while but i find it difficult to take nice photographs for the shop. i managed to get a decent looking one of the large robotingtons (above) and so there are two of that size in the shop now. look out for more updates - see the little boxes on the right hand side of this blog. one update done, several more to do over the course of the next few weeks.

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