18 April 2009

half and half...

..out and about. this page was half drawn on the train back to Manchester from Preston and during my latest visit to Stoke to see my friend who is also called Debbie. i am struggling to make dandelions look like dandelions but i think the seeds things look ok. the pirate lion is back in action and i am just about to hop on a train to Huddersfield to see my granma. i am taking a robotington with me to show him the sights of my little hometown. the sketchbook will be joining me as per usual.


Jennie said...

good for you honey! x

Catherine said...

Great lions as always. The sort of mane-less lion at the top there looks good for a kid lion.
I love how you can give them subtle different personalities - you could do so many! Maybe even do a kind of 'you is you were a lion' portrait service.............but you're probably full enough of ideas.
Dandelion clocks are tricky but I like yours.