20 April 2009

an early bird...

...drawing on the train prior to working at the cafe. my eyes are very tired at the moment and my right arm is still very sore. i think i will be going swimming tomorrow morning in order to try and get it moving, plus i need some exercise. these lions above are actually people i have seen lately. the guy filling in the crossword was on the train and said 'bless you' when i sneezed. the mister still refuses to take off his beard, hence the beardy lion and the fat ginger cat is around once again miaowing its head off. i think a coffee cup spoke to me but i cant be sure.

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natural attrill said...

Hi Deb,
Sorry to hear about your arm, hope it gets better soon. Swimming sounds like a good idea.
I wonder what the mister looks like with a beard! he didnt have one when I met him.