03 April 2009

computer love...

...and hate. i miss printmaking. i have been unable to go since my last visit in January due to work and severe lack of funds. i have been working on a couple of etching plates that i hope to take in over the next month if possible. the potatochop is ok, just takes up a lot of my phaffing time as i am trying to create some work on there. may go back to the paint and brush. all is quiet on the textile front as i am still awaiting the delivery of the dyes and fixer etc that i ordered. i do have shop bought coloured cotton but it ain't the same as dying it yourself. i like to create it all but may try the other fabric if i have time in between all the cafe work. i have more than enough rage to release through the mechanical pencil. angry scribbles are great. at the weekend the mister warned me that he was going to start a month/thirty days of beard 'growing' hence the lion above. i have been drawing website typography since January. what is wrong with me?


Gail said...

Hope you get to do some printing soon, fingers crossed for you ... and I look forward to seeing the results!

Love the lion by the way ... ;-)

-Gail X

Jennie said...

Hi Hun,

Aww, it sounds like you are really missing the printing process. I get like that about painting when I use the computer a lot... sometimes I just want to get back to the raw materials and away from the pixels... although it is nice not to have paint all over my hands!

Mind you, some things are much quicker on a computer.. then again somethings are slow... hmmm

I guess each tool has it's use.


Make sure you get lots of chocs at Easter! yey!