05 January 2009


...robotingtons. this batch has been so difficult to make. i had a right struggle trying to source the correct fabric and once i did, the dark greys one which are not pictured caused me to swear that many times that i nearly ran out of swear words. i refused to give up on the light grey ones and they are ready and waiting for their heads and other bits to be attached. since my last post i have been drawing but i am just trying to fathom out some new print work as i have had my heart set on creating some new print work for a while but since the whole credit crunch and lack of a decent wage, i have been unable to attend artlab but i planning to return at the end of January when the group re-opens for action as i have been working in the cafe a lot over Christmas. it is about ten pm here in manchester and i must get an hours drawing in before bed.


Jennie said...

Keep crafting them Mr Robotingtons! They are lookin' ace, a mini army!

I must visit Artlab! Keep promising myself and some of my pals but never seem to get sorted out to go!

Luv Jen xxx

Inspector Marmalade said...

I think when you go back to artlab you should do something with your lions, you've master the lil fellas now!

Lions and foxes and lemonfish oh my!