11 January 2009

a little family...

...repetitive drawing is still one of the things i like doing the most. i like drawing a little gang of friends who are all the same though they may vary in size, colour and facial expression. it lets me get a feel for the character. i am just about to bake some badges at the moment. hence all the acorn drawing. next up are tooth badges! i am very excited about these ones and i cant believe i never thought to make them as badges until someone asked if i had any at the Christmas markets. i have been watching a lot of comedy/drama/crime programs of late. i think a bit of detective story telling may occur in my drawing now with the robber bird. i refuse to let that story go. thanks goes to Monk, Murder She Wrote and Jonathan Creek. This is all due to the Christmas telly i watched and am now watching.


clare said...

Happy New Year, Debs : )

Me too I've been watching the detectives, only without producing anything creative - I love the idea of more story for the robber bird: ) I love your acorns, too, and that lots of them are asleep

natural attrill said...

What cute little acorns.
Happy New Year Deb - hope we get to meet up again sometime in 2009!!