22 January 2009

the computer desk...

..of a ladysnail. thought i would share a photo of a corner of my office with you all to see where i work. the big desk of drawing is to the right of this photograph. i will post this corner up another day. yesterday i went to artlab, sorry Jennie, i forgot to let you know that i was going! it was so nice to be back in the print room. i got stuck in and have inked up two copper plates ready for scratching away a drawing. also attempted to finsih off an edition of a print. i have some super good news. to my relief and total surprise, i found my art lab coat. it was hibernating in a cardboard box. that crafty robber bird must have put it there as we have seen him lurking in the print room before now. i have photographic evidence of this.


Catherine said...

Looks like a nice workspace. I wish I had the headroom for a tall computer/bookshelf unit like that

Jennie said...

hey honey don't worry! I hope you had a super time! Glad you found your coat!

Must make arrangements!

Jen xxxx