28 December 2008

coming soon...

...to a ladysnail blog near you in 2009, new doodles and stuff. as always there are things on the ever growing to-do list that i hope will see the light of day in the new year. i have slowly stopped being lazy on my days off from work and have picked up the mechanical pencil once again. i have been trying to win the war against colour but i want to work harder at sorting it out. Christmas was kind to me and i now have a few pennies to sort out a few illustration things and ideas. doodling can be difficult at times as my brain switches on at random times. i am just drawing random things again like the tiger that is up above and i want to return to drawing people and children soon.

also, did anyone watch the Oliver Jeffers 'Lost and Found' animation that was on Channel 4 over Christmas or the new Wallace and Gromit?