06 August 2008

last night...

...i went to Lo-fi DIY which is a brand new crafting club for renegade boys and tearaway girls who want to make things happen. It was held in the Manchester Craft and Design Centre but i ain't sure if it is going to be a weekly, fortnightly or a monthly meet up. Manchester Craft Mafia helped organise and set up the event. There are some more photos on flickr. I knew people were taking photos but i didn't know i would be in so many of them. i am sat in the bottom right hand corner of this photo. it was a great event and the two hours flew by! i met some great people and cant wait to go again.
the sea...

...underneath the waves of the sea, live some fish and a lion drawing mister. mister john thought he would have a go at drawing lions and his are the two in the top left corner. he even attempted to draw the back of a lion! you may have to click on the image to see it better as some of these drawings are a bit faint as i am struggling to find a nice grade of lead that scans in nice and easy. i use mechanical pencils to draw with and finding refills are a problem at the moment. i am trying out a rotring one at the moment - not one of their expensive ones mind. i quite liked drawing the fish but the earlier ones at the top of the page to me look too technical, i think the spotty and stripy ones are best. i am going on holiday at the end of the month and i am so looking forward to drawing abroad while we try to find nemo in the sea. maybe we may see a robot fish in its natural habitat?

just to add...i am not addicted to cider, though pear cider tastes nice, i do like a bottle of it, the amount of bottles drawn on these pages do not represent the amount of bottles drank.