13 March 2008

new exciting things...

...last wednesday in artlab i took part in a screen printing demo. so this week i thought i would use one of my very own screens and try out this new process which magda says would be good for me as i would like to be able to screen print at home. above is the final outcome printed in a kind of olive green colour. the main character is weasel who owns a teashop with wolf. i have drawn the wolf before when i did the three little pigs in first year. he just needs redrawing with this story in mind.

first you get a nice clean screen which will be yellow all over in colour. this area is where the ink will print through so bearing that in mind you draw on the screen with blue watersoluable fluid using a brush where you would like the ink to print through. so as i wanted to print the outlines of my characters, i painted a simple outline of them onto the screen. the photograph above is of the screen drying on my desk in one of the printrooms.

once dry you put your screen onto a screen printing bed. this helps keep it all even while you use a squidgee to cover the screen with red screen filler. the screen filler acts as a barrier as once dry it stops ink going through the screen when you are printing. prior to covering the screen i taped off the excess areas of yellow screen that i didnt paint on as it would have been a waste to cover the whole screen with the screen filler.

once that is dry you can then start washing it using a regular household shower head. you wet the screen and after a while start to rub the screen with a soapy sponge. the blue water soluable stuff comes away during the washing to expose the yellow screen. once it was dry i then taped off the yellow outside border bit and printed it. the result is the very first image of this post.

so there you have it. an explanation of sorts with photos of the new process i learned last week and actually used today. i do not find it easy to explain things but i thought i would give it a go. i feel very excited about being able even more so now than before, of being able to print at home. just need to find me an arm bed thingy for the desk.

this post nearly wasnt to be as blogger decided to act up! i nearly screamed at the computer but i managed to breath and stay calm. it took me over half an hour to write this post and thankfully it is still here.

meet mister teapot and lady teapot...
...sticking with the pencil crayon theme, i have started to draw new things. i did these on Tuesday night while half awake. the teapot theme began as my mister decided to splash out on some denby tableware to match the one blue cup of mine which i got a couple of summers ago in a sale. so i have been looking at other potential items and my eye is on a sugar bowl and a teapot. they look so beautiful to me. not too fancy and just right for everyday use. aye so i after i handed in the zine on Tuesday it was time to move forward and taking the advice i was given on Friday i got stuck in straight away and started drawing things that i like that are new to me both illustration wise and life wise. i think that is the best way to explain it. the teapots are part of an A4 doodle but i decided to crop it to just show the teapots which are going to be part of the pattern for zine two.
there is a new lady...

...pink lady alice has joined the world of blogging. she is in our third year illustration class at uclan in preston and her blog can be found here http://pixiealice.blogspot.com/ and in the links section. alice is the queen of colour and also lets me hold her hand. go check it out. check it out now.