28 February 2008

...of the sea bees. while at artlab last night i saw a sea bee for the first time. i thought i had best doodle it out of my head as soon as i could. thanks go to inspector marmalade who helped me loads yesterday with getting back on the ball. she suggested i doodle a shaping shifting snail for a beast book submission but i saw 'sea-bee' on a list of mythical beasts that she had and so i went with that. Wednesday nights are what i now call light bulb nights as things just seem to click every week. last night i went to the last of the three talks at artlab. we had to work with two sheets of newspaper with a focused and planned idea. i completed the task just about five minutes later than planned. aye five minutes is not keeping within a deadline but i am learning.

a group of sea bees is called a swool. usage - i saw a swool of sea bees on Wednesday evening. have you ever seen a swool of sea bees?

also a huge thank you to ali who showed me how to do 'duotone' on potatochop. it a new experiment that i like to play with.

slow doodles...
...staying true to my pen name of ladysnail. i am fair working slow. i think i need to work on a treadmill or something to start to learn more about how to work faster. these are some doodles from last Friday that i did with Biro, various difficult coloured pencil crayons and dip pen. everything is a bit backwards and forwards at the moment. i am finding it hard to switch off from one project to switch onto another. the yellowish looking hens and plant pot houses are in fact some kind of light green colour but the scanner was being a bit stubborn with doing its job.