29 December 2008

the leaves...

...of 2008 have fallen and it is now time to nearly say hello to the fresh leaves of 2009. Rewon reappeared this evening on a page of doodles. i drew him with a scarf on and then the felt-tip colouring in ruined his complexion so i had to draw him again. this time playing with autumn leaves. it never quite snowed here in Manchester and though it felt cold like a winter season should, it still always feels like autumn. i have been working ever since boxing day and i am trying to fit in everything i can into the little evenings that i have left at the end of the day. drawing is quite relaxing. if i had wrote a Christmas last like i was suppose to i would have put in the usual request for a new day of the week called 'Doodleday'. it would sit in between Saturday and Sunday.

1 comment:

Jennie said...

Busy Debs!

I hope you have been able to eat some Chocs whilst soooo busy! I would like a Doodleday too !

Happy New Year!

Luv Jen xxx