29 December 2008

the leaves...

...of 2008 have fallen and it is now time to nearly say hello to the fresh leaves of 2009. Rewon reappeared this evening on a page of doodles. i drew him with a scarf on and then the felt-tip colouring in ruined his complexion so i had to draw him again. this time playing with autumn leaves. it never quite snowed here in Manchester and though it felt cold like a winter season should, it still always feels like autumn. i have been working ever since boxing day and i am trying to fit in everything i can into the little evenings that i have left at the end of the day. drawing is quite relaxing. if i had wrote a Christmas last like i was suppose to i would have put in the usual request for a new day of the week called 'Doodleday'. it would sit in between Saturday and Sunday.

28 December 2008

coming soon...

...to a ladysnail blog near you in 2009, new doodles and stuff. as always there are things on the ever growing to-do list that i hope will see the light of day in the new year. i have slowly stopped being lazy on my days off from work and have picked up the mechanical pencil once again. i have been trying to win the war against colour but i want to work harder at sorting it out. Christmas was kind to me and i now have a few pennies to sort out a few illustration things and ideas. doodling can be difficult at times as my brain switches on at random times. i am just drawing random things again like the tiger that is up above and i want to return to drawing people and children soon.

also, did anyone watch the Oliver Jeffers 'Lost and Found' animation that was on Channel 4 over Christmas or the new Wallace and Gromit?

14 December 2008


...to everyone who came to the fabulous Manchester Craft Mafia Christmas Markets this weekend, please accept this shining star of appreciation. it is like one of them stamps or stickers your teacher used to put on your homework. i have been neglecting this blog for a while as i was preparing for the markets. i re-caught the cold virus and then super stressed myself out but it was a roaring success and i would just like to say a big thank to everyone really who came and said hello to support my stall and imagination. hopefully i will be back to doodling and to-do list tackling within the next week.