23 September 2008

step aside mr robotington...

and make room for Sackboy! he is the leading man of a new Playstation 3 game which is called LittleBigPlanet. As part of the Manchester Craft Mafia, I am taking part in a customising t-shirt/accessories/plush workshop next week to help launch the game. how cool is that! so at the weekend, me and the mister went to check out the LittleBigPlanet Shop that is in Piccadilly Gardens and see what was and is going on there. We had a little play on the game, tried it out and whatnot. It is an amazing platform game that allows you to design all your characters, platforms, objects, worlds whilst also allowing social community network gaming. I am not a technical gaming geek so I can not explain the game properly but it is very fun to play and I love Sackboy. He is the man of the moment for me.


Catherine said...

Wow that's one big sackboy! Craft Mafia thing sounds cool :)

Carolinemorriz said...

Orrrr im so sad, im at hope whilst I could be stood right where you are, next to the splendid Sackboy!!!

Dont forget to show me what you make