06 September 2008


...do i really know what i am doing? i seem to be drawing quite a bit, quite a bit more than when i was actually in uni but what am i drawing these pictures for? i am fighting world war three against colour at the moment and i cant seem to find a computer course to help me with my digital skills. i am struggling with potatochop, illustraight-ner and getting images correctly scanned in. i have tried books/magazines but they are going to get ripped to shreds if i carry on trying to teach myself. i have ordered some stock but i don't want to keep making/illustrating the same things time and time again.


Jennie said...

I want to send you a virtual cappuchino! Computers are frustrating at the best of times!

Mine slowed down and then worked when i turned it off and on again!? Mad?

Jen xxx

Catherine said...

Aw ladysnail, sorry I have been away and missed your bloggings. I am no expert on photochop, but I will be happy to help you if I can, when you feel like going back to it.
Hugs and chocolate