01 September 2008

new friends...

...i met while on holiday and a photograph of myself in Turkey, in front of the tombs that are carved into the mountains that look over the town of Fethiye. The pelican is from the boat harbour where the fishermen moor up. there are two of these tame-ish pelicans that sit around in little boats. I never realised how big pelicans were! the local people must have thought i was daft taking photos of it but its not everyday you see a pelican. the dog adopted me for the rest of the time i was there after i stroked it once. it followed me all over the place and it loved loads of attention and strokes but i will never stroke a street dog again. its like a little trickster. i have other photos that i will post during the week. some that i took while hanging out the window of a 'dolmus' which is a little bus.

just to say that i picked up the new oliver jeffers children's book today which is called 'the great paper caper'. there were other new releases from emily gravett and julia donaldson and axel scheffler as well. the paper caper is a very nice story about trees.


Jennie said...

Helllllllllooooo! Welcome back to England!

You have missed all our glorious rain and gloom, and news about the credit crunch. poor lass.

Hope you had a lovely time. Looks super over there.

Luv Jen xxx

Catherine said...

Pelicans, cool! Sounds like a great holiday. Welcome back :D
Did you know Mr Robotington is in the gift guide?

crom said...

hey Im back...I had no internet for like 3 weeks.but Im online now yahooo.....hey Ill have a look at them books you are mentioning here.

natural attrill said...

Nice photo of you!

Christiane said...

Uh, sunshine! Looks like a great holiday. I'm sure the street dog wanted to get adopted by YOU!:o)