10 September 2008

the light box...

...has landed and i am way too excited. i have got a few other projects to get on with before i start playing with it! i have about fifty rainclouds to stuff and some animals to draw and doodle. I will post some pictures later on, maybe at the weekend of what i have been up to. thank you everyone for the continuous support. i took a little walk down oxford road to the whitworth gallery and I can not believe or understand why i havent been there before now. xxx.


natural attrill said...

Hi Deb,
The Whitworth is good isnt it!
Further along that road are good, and some very cheap, curry houses, in Rusholme, if you like that kinda food.

Deb said...

mmm curry houses! i have been to rusholme only the once penny. it was so difficult to choose which curry house to go in to. the whitworth gallery is very nice. they have a large print collection there. dx.