04 August 2008

slow like a snail...

...as per my namesake, i haven't managed to get out and about to draw due to the summer showers and i am just settling in to two part time jobs. i have been trying to draw fish but was getting all technical about it. the lions are getting there as when i have been out, i have noticed i have become more aware of my surroundings and tuned in to whats going on so there are lions in my head that i can draw out on paper. the mister is pestering me to write a story and illustrate it. i suppose i am over thinking it all just like before. i ain't sure what to write about though he looked through my sketchbook and says i have already wrote it. i don't know what sketchbook he is looking at. i must remember to keep it simple if i do write one. who says it has to have words anyway, as if i remember rightly didn't the robber bird steal them?


Catherine said...

I'm sure the lion story will work itself out. I know its easier said than done, but try to just let it flow without thinking too much. I think its a similar zen like trance to how you go (well, I know how *I* go, maybe I'm odd!) when you're filling a page with squibbles and it doesn't matter if they all come out perfect...and when you stop trying to make it perfect, strangely things start going better!
I hope the new jobs are fun with nice people :)

natural attrill said...

Some fab colours here Deb, the greens are so vibrant.
Good luck with the story.