09 July 2008

staying on the theme...

...of lions. i did actually see a pirate when we were at alton towers on Friday. not only did i see one, i saw two! so technically i am a bit like penny crayon (who i didn't and don't like). meaning if i am to draw something then in a way it will come to life. i haven't seen Elvis yet...i have just realised that he has no arms in that doodle above. i am hoping to do some more drawing later once i have finished distracting myself with the mini tidy up of the office as i cant sew on a messy desk. today you will be pleased to hear that i have jumped straight into the world of illustration. it is scary, i knew this anyway but i just have to stay calm like one of them spirit level tools.


Misk said...

Hello my lovely Debs.
I am loving all this doodling you are creating of late- it has inspired me to get my own sketchbook out again.
I particularly love the pirate lion!

Catherine said...

Fablurific! :D
It looks like this approach will work well for a variety of characters.
You could do a whole book of lions!

Inspector Marmalade said...

hehehe elvis lion is the best, look at the fierce stare he gives, aw yeah! xox

twiggypeasticks said...

Hello there
Thanks for dropping by my blog, it's good to know I'm not the only fan of Still Game! I love the lions espesh the pirate and Elvis. Mr Twiggy made a great Elvis out of a peanut and a sultana once - but that's another story :)

jenuine said...

hello! as inspector marmalade has discovered, i'm now getting to going through all the postcards i picked up at d&ad & am letting people know that i liked their stuff enough to file it away in my mind & remember to tell them so afterwards. so yes! lovely stuff! keep it up!

jenuine said...

hello again! aw, i feel honoured to be remembered! we were just a little bit up from you, yes. i was sorting out al my stuff i've brought home from uni & found all m postcards. i've been super lazy too, & we finished in may! that's alot of laziness. ah, it sounds like you are a lady of impeccable taste. enjoy the badge!