18 July 2008

the lion pride...

...is growing! i bumped into loads of suit wearing lions the other day in Sam's Chop House/Bar in Manchester. there were having dinner time drinks. i also saw a fair few lions travelling whilst i was waiting for a train from Preston to Manchester and one was wearing super pink gloves! the little cacti are quick doodles of the ones that sit on my office window. i still would like to draw them a bit better but job hunting is eating into my time. the lion holding the socks is just because i like drawing socks. i also drew one with a pet dog but he was surrounded by boring writing so i haven't scanned him in but if one of my lions were to have a pet, what type of pet would it be i wonder? aye he already has birds that like playing with his curly mane but they come and go as they please.


Catherine said...

Yay more lions! I love these.
I think a lion should have a pet
a) dog
b) goldfish
c) tortoise

Ok, ok, I just want to see how you draw them, I admit it!

Jennie said...

I think a lion's pet would be a mouse!!! luv jen xxx