29 July 2008

last week...

...another page. i feel the lions may have reached their limit. the colours are not quite correct on this page after scanning as i am no good on potatochop. the plan is to go out and about drawing in Manchester again. maybe in different places than normal to further their character development. or maybe the next step is to fully finish off making the textile lion. thanks to the misters mum, i now have some new fabric which is more suitable to a lion's colour though i am planning to make a green lion once the pattern is all sorted out.

there are some new-ish things listed in my etsy shop if any of you fancy splashing out. any money i get is going to pay off my student overdraft and go towards a fancy new sewing machine.


Catherine said...

Ladysnail, I would like to see a hippy lion, a nerdy lion and a fancy prada girly lion. Please?
I love the teapot!

Anonymous said...

Hey S, i like the way the cactus pots look a bit old and mucky and i like the colouring in of the cacti...very "the hungry hungry caterpillar" :D


natural attrill said...

I like the sound of a green lion!
Hope you enjoy a nice fancy sewing machine, I look forward to seeing what you create.
P.x (another one!)

Jennie said...

Hello hun,

I also have trouble with photoshop colours when scanning. So I mess about a lot with photoshop... Sometimes if I click 'auto levels', my drawings look Ok and at other times they look too blue, so i 'undo' (command plus Z I think) the last move. At other times, I move the levels bar manually, and find the middle pointer on the bar can have quite nice results, or, clicking 'levels' and then using the white/ lightest dropper tool to select the lightest part of the paper can be good... again - sometimes... I also find Unsharp mask is not good with my drawings, but good for paintings and photos (Selecting 30 - 60 - 90 on unsharp mask is super on photos).

Hope all is well, your work is fun, fresh and funky!

Take care hun!

Love jen xxx