15 July 2008


...illustration does not survive on its own. it needs food to eat and so do i. my brain requires fuel in order to think and draw. therefore i have taken it upon myself to feed it tasty treats in the hope that i bright idea might work itself out my brain, through the pencil onto the bright whiteness of a sketchbook page. the other day me and the mister spotted a funny looking fruit in the supermarket. now normally i would shy away from 'new' things but i put it in the basket. it is called a dragon fruit. after we cut it open i thought we should have had a drawing competition to see what would be inside but you cant rewind time. the texture of it is like a kiwi and watermelon, all water and pips. you just scoop it out with a spoon. as of late i have turned into a baking queen. mr weasel said it was high time that i started doing some work in the kitchen in order to get the customers in so i have been learning how to cook and bake. above is a photo of my first ever batch of choc chip biscuits! they were so nice, bit chewy and a bit crunchy.


Tina said...

I want a dragon fruit. It's to pretty eat.

natural attrill said...

The dragon fruit is beautiful, and the biscuits look yummy!


Hi you, so thrilled with my wonderful birds! You are so kind, thankyou so much. Take a look on my blog, there is na Award waiting for you!
x Vicky x

JuicyFig said...


I am here via Anglesey allsorts who seams to have magnatised all us northerners to her blog!

I am not far from Preston. I LOVE YOUR LIONS! they are so cool!

so - is UCLAN ok? beet contemplating doing something educational for a while, and preston / blackburn are the nearest.

BTW - I always wondered what a draggon fruit looked like inside...thanks for that!