21 July 2008

graduation and celebration...

...there you go, a nice photo of mesen in the cap and the gown. i never meant to pull a face! the mister was taking photos when i thought he wasn't! i graduated on Friday and we celebrated over the weekend with a trip to Huddersfield. We went to barbeque's on both days and it was great to see friends, family and animals. Bonsai, the black and white dog has a great personality and he loves attention.


Anonymous said...

hey debs, where's the one of me holding bonzai?


Jennie said...

Hi Hun! Congratulations!!!

Well done!!!

Love jen xxx

natural attrill said...

Congratulations Deb!!

natural attrill said...

The dog is really sweet, we have just got a kitten from the RSPCA, he is called Des.

gail said...

really nice photos the dog looks like nicolas dog and well done