15 July 2008

back in black...

...my attention has been else where this past week as I am currently looking for a job. I managed a day in the print room last Friday but didn't have anything planned out. the copper plate is still sat on my desk while i sort bits of my illustration work out. i did four prints of the photo etch that i was asked to do after our degree show. two of the prints were successful and two were not. I am learning more about this particular etching technique but feel i need to try out photo etching where it bites into the plate rather than it just biting the image into the photo-tec film. i am still drawing the lions but do not have a full page to show as i am trying out drawing on two pages at once. i think i may need to try a bigger sketchbook soon. I keep carrying an A4 one around with me but it just doesn't feel right yet.

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