12 June 2008

sketchbook commission...

...a request was made to make the 'tired imagination' image into a print and so off i trotted to the print room to make a photo etch plate. i decided to make a test plate which is a plate that has been exposed to the dot screen and image design in a timed grid layout. due to the nature of my plate this grid system is difficult to make out. from this test plate, i have decided to expose the dot screen for about 75 counting units and expose the image for the same amount. the units is what the UV box counts down its time in. i am sorry but i am too tired to explain the photo etch process this evening and will return tomorrow with a proper explanation. i am having to learn super quickly how to organise my time in order to make the most of the day with what i have/want to do in it. a very tired ladysnail is off to bed.


Jennie said...

Sounds complicated but exciting! Good luck hun!!!

Luv Jen xxx

natural attrill said...

What a fantastic commission!