20 June 2008

screen-printing madness...

...oh yes. i was in the print room today and Lady Katie helped me with my printing by being my paper girl. two hundred postcards, hand screen-printed on both sides took me about four hours to do. my contact details are on the reverse and i did them green as how often do you see a green lion? i am well impressed with my big batch of promotional postcards. the bottom picture is from when they were all lined up on a neighbouring screen printing bed! i was going to do about four different designs but to keep it easy i settled on one design. i am taking these cards to London with me as they a new step in the right direction for my work. i off to eat some yummy food and then get back to some doodling.


natural attrill said...

WOW Deb! so much to see, it must have been a while since I visited your blog, this lion seems to have taken over!
Have a fantastic time in London, hand out those cards to EVERYONE, you never know who they are, or what might happen!
Best of luck, and have fun too.

Jennie said...

Hi Hun! Super stuff!!!

Goooood Luuuck!!! xxxxx

paula said...

I love your green lion :o)

Goodluck in London! x

matt@seewhatyoumean said...

I got given this from my creative director, it now has pride of place next to my computer


natural attrill said...

In the spirit of the frosties advert (even though that's a tiger)
- "They're great!"

Emm@ said...

Ooo, they're lovely. Got any left?

Rosey said...

hey lady, i thought i would come and look at your blog as i haven't done in a while. i am well impressed with your latest stuff - especially this lion and the tea set. keep up the good work!! x