18 June 2008

in the night-time...

...draw while i was half asleep and not feeling very well. i quite like the pirate lion so i think i am going to draw him on a 'wanted' pirate poster. ain't too sure yet as i am yearning for my reference books and sketchbooks! i cant cope without my doodles. the people at uni will be finished with them by Thursday so as soon as i can i will be rescuing them. i quite like drawing these lions. the one with the goatee was inspired by Brett and Murray from 'flight of the conchords' of which i love at the moment. my cacti army is growing slowly, i now have five of them. i will post a pic of them shortly. may be a photo or a doodle. i am off to the library today to enlarge these lion pages as i draw very small. i haven't decided whether this will be the copper etch day or a doodle day to find new inspiration for my lions- like ones with hats on or ones that wear or do different things.

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