08 June 2008

degree show...

...opening night was on Friday. i haven't known quite what to do with myself the last two weeks since uni finished. have been doing odds and ends of doodles and a bit of playing in the print room. i have some plans to actually illustrate a couple of the poems that i had originally planned to do for the honours project. as i can see a way forward with that and children's books are something i still very much would like to do but within my own strengths and way of working. this is a picture of me next to some of my work. next up is London and the 'new blood' show. to my complete and utter surprise, i was awarded 'best in show' alongside my fellow illustrator Jennifer. as per normal the tears fell but i was shocked and still am. i would like to thank everyone for their support over the last few years. studying illustration was difficult but i love illustration and here's to the future.


Jennie said...

Hi Hun! That's super! You've worked really, really hard!

Now promise me no more staying up all night long on Photoshop and then spending all day printing!!! You need your sleep!!!

Good luck with the D&AD!!!

Luv Jen xxx

natural attrill said...

CONGRATULATIONS and well done Debs.
Love the dress!

Christiane said...

Wowee! Congrats on the award and pretty dress!

Catherine said...

Well done! And well earnt it was too :D
Nice dress and all!