19 June 2008

a day and a half...

...the next page of lion doodles. i love these lions at the moment. i can see how they are growing to become little characters. i definitely think that going out and about and drawing people i see as lions is and has helped. the guitar one is a tribute to Brett and Jermaine. aye flight of the conchords again. i will stop singing a kiss is not a contract sometime soon. also i will be resuming my guitar practice over the summer. i was doing well before. the other one is for Andy, Dave, Mark and Jen who like playing on their nintendo DS' at the moment. i am drawing some lions from the coffee shop out properly as promotional postcards. maybe with some cheeky writing but i ain't sure yet. i started drawing the vegetable patch lion onto the copper last night while in artlab but it is a slow process as i am bit obsessive when drawing out etching plates.

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