28 June 2008

D & A D 'new blood' and Wimbledon...

...a couple of photographs from last week when a group of us illustrators from UCLAN went to London to show our work. mr robotington came along as well as he had never been away on holiday before. i told him it wasn't technically a holiday and that if he came he would have to do some work. he agreed and sat at out stand most of the time. he said he had a good time but is now very tired and would like another holiday in the sun sometime soon.


Jannie Sue "Funster" said...

If ever you're in Austin get in touch with me and I'll take you across the street to my neighbor's house - his yards are veritable cacti gardens.

natural attrill said...

Good to see the pics from London. Best of luck with all your new ventures.

Jennie said...

hey that's interesting - My Aunt lives in Austin - Austin Texas, but am being nosey looking at comments from other people

Hi Lady Snail,

Lovely to see the pics, hope all is well and ta for your comment.

Good luck with everything!

Love jen xxx