13 May 2008


...while he wanders through the ocean. he is looking for my imagination for me as i left in Blackpool last week when i went to see granma. i am still working away and trying to do new work while carrying on with old ideas and that. it is all getting a bit too much like it did before and i need to listen when people are telling me to stay calm. it is difficult. i am just doodling some hand drawn text for a new screen print design that i am doing tomorrow. that is of course if potatochop decides to be my friend later unlike before. i wish i had taken granma into the Sea-Life Centre at Blackpool to see the fish but i don't think she would have waited for me while i drew them. i have drawn them before but i would like to go again.

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Catherine said...

I'm sure your imagination will come back to you, after its been off adventuring in Blackpool - and all the stories it will have to tell you when it does return! :)
I'm not mad, honest.