22 May 2008

sentimental value...

...mr robotington asked me to draw him a poster so he could stick it up all over the place in order to find his favourite button. i told him he could choose a new one from the button box but he said he was not giving up on trying to find the one he lost as it means a lot to him. since beginning this story i have found it difficult but i refused to give up with the wish to tell the story that i set out to do. i think one day it may be a complete actual story but for now i have just got into the swing of telling it in some zig-zag way through single narrative illustrations. i think this has been a very good learning curve for me as i kept thinking too literal when it came to creating a story in a book. it took me a while to hand draw the above text in tiny circles and i cant wait to do another poster next week in my own free time away from the pressure of completing work for uni modules.

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