16 May 2008

say hello to granma...

...i thought i would post a photo that i took of my granma on my blog as this picture makes me smile and inspires me when i get stuck. she always makes me laugh and we had a good day even though it rained and that some of the machines didn't pay out when we won. i like it that she doesn't know what the internet is or what it does and that she likes the simpler things like fish and chips for dinner on a Thursday afternoon. i have another photo of granma with her old pet bird Clive but sadly none of her and grandad who passed away in 2001. another reason i posted this image is because i like to watch 'child of our time' on BBC and this weeks episode was very sad as one of the girls that they follow, her mum passed away this April of cancer. always make time for your friends and family. simple.


Catherine said...

This is a lovely pic. (I cried at the end of Child of our Time)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ladysnail, I got yout little zine and lovely badge, thank you for choosing me as one of the people that you sent them too. and sorry I took so long to send you a message. I like your work, it's very sweet and fresh I wish you lots of luck with it. my grandma inspired me very much too, she taught me to paint and draw when I was a child and without her I wouldn't be doing what I am today.
best wishes

Donna Wilson