18 May 2008

on a steel horse i ride...

...another birdboy on the run. birdboys are like cowboys but birds. this is just a quick doodle i did today while i was distracting myself from the 'lost' poster. i think i have complicated my ideas and so i am going to have a mini rest from that poster and get back to it sometime tomorrow after a bit more research. i quite like the idea of creating a wild west gang of birdboys. i even know what i plan to write on the next one about long tall len. i have been drawing out his cowboy boots and i think he is going to have ones with diamonds on. i think i am going to go check out the old sears catalogue again that's in the library to see if they sell boots.


Jennie said...

Hi Lady Snail,

Hope all is well, I'm still in Kitchen chaos land, but have managed to move a bit of junk away from the computer and accessed the internet - at last!!!

It is nice to see your blog with the happy little pictures cheering me up!


Catherine said...

Long tall Len sounds like a great character :)
I think story ideas are sometimes like spaghetti (bear with me) - pulling out just one continuous bit, without other bits stuck to it and all in one piece, can be tricky. When the bits of story spaghetti are sticking together, you often times have a series of stories that relate to one another. :)