14 May 2008

on the run...

...after my mini freak out i decided it would be best if i was to get straight back to scribbling with the mechanical pencil. so i took an idea off the to-do list and got on and did it. usually i normally let it sit on the to-do list for a while and think about things way too much. so with some help from Andy and help from the photocopier, i sorted out a design in a couple of hours. i spent a bit of time potatochop which helped speed things up but i still continue to draw slowly and phaff around. am taking this design into the print room later on today when i have drawn the robber. have you seen him lately?


Catherine said...

The lettering is great - would have taken me yonks to do that. I like all the texture bits :)

I would like to report a sighting of the notorious robber bird. He was seen at around 9.30pm yesterday, running down the road with a bag of marbles over his shoulder. I believe those were my marbles he stole as I have not been able to find them. He got away before I could apprehend him, which is a shame as I could do with $5000.

Inspector Marmalade said...

hes been getting around that robber bird, I saw him not 2 minutes ago! he flew out of my bedroom window and now Elvis cant find his comb, his quaff is a mess! this calls for some hip holding and huffing i think. HUFF!

if he turns up again with a finely quaffed quaff i'll know it was him!