31 May 2008


...aye so i thought it best just to add a line or two to say that the university bit of illustration is now over. we handed all our work in on 23rd May at 4pm and then i went to the pub to drink and the chinese buffet to eat and then it was back to the pub. i spent last weekend in wales with lady katie and shmalice. the photos are on my laptop and so i will have to post a photo another day. i am finding it increasingly difficult to breathe and relax. i have been doodling more cowboy birds as i like drwaing their boots and have been collecting more lettering research. i have two new sketchbooks to doodle in and am going to try keep a sketchbook but not try so hard that it may kill me like last time.

this weekend me and the mister went to see the Body Worlds exhibition at the museum of science and industry which is at Deansgate in Manchester. i wasn't allowed to take photographs because the exhibition features real dead people and some of parts of the exhibition is of a sensitive nature. find out more about it here. Dr Gunther Von Hagens is a German scientist and physician who invented Plastination which is a process he uses to preserve dead bodies for the purpose of research with regards to anatomy and understanding of the human body.



Glad to hear you are relaxing a bit, now all the hard work is over. It was nice to see you at the weekend, we will have to have a crafty day next time you are down here.
Rich went to see that exibition of the dead folk, he said it was really amazing,he liked the Gorilla!
See you soon x Vicky x

Jennie said...

Hi Lady Snail!

Hope you are Ok - I went to see that dare I admit it very scary exhibition when it was up in my neck of the woods - it stays in the mind - I was a bit freaked out by all the dead bodies to be honest - I felt sorry for them, preserved, but I felt with no dignity - I kind of wanted to bury them all, although I do appreciate the essential part the dissecting of corpses plays in the knowledge of all those doctors, surgeons and medical experts...etc.

I hope you are well and starting to settle down after doing so much hard work.

Take care hun -


natural attrill said...

We've thought of going to see this exhibition, but havent as yet. I saw the guy on tv talking about himself and his work. Strange yet fascinating.

Christiane said...

I'd like to see that exhibition although it might be scary. I've seen that guy doing autopsies on TV I think, and it made me feel a bit sick...and even more health conscious. So many things I'd rather not know but then it's really fascinating.