08 April 2008

working towards a smile...

...a hell of a lot has happened over the last twenty four hours. this, that and the other. i cant begin to explain and do not wish to put it all up here on this blog as i can safely say i am bit of a sensitive live wire at the moment. up above are two pages from a working dummy book that originally started life as the hundred words about a robot button. after speaking to tutors yesterday i went off and doodled and my favourite page is the top robber bird one. today was very rollercoaster-ish and once i had a brew and seen some kind of sense, i went to the print room with the plan to etch something from what i had created last night. in amongst today, Ali added some more blank pages to my dummy book and took some out. i started to draw in them straight away while i waited for the Edinburgh etch to do its thing on a copper plate i had sorted out before dinner. the bottom page is my favourite so far from the second/third batch of pages but i have yet to complete this batch. today has been like playing with fire. that's what i would say is the best word to use and therefore there has been some pretty fireworks exploding on my pages a result. the waves look very interesting.

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