25 April 2008

three colour rainbow...

...i have been working super fast the last couple of days. due to losing the first screen design that i had, i felt i had to be on the ball for the rest of the week so i have been drawing, thinking, making and screen printing like crazy. the best thing though is that the ideas are starting to come together and plus all the hours i spend in the print room make me tired enough to sleep. normally i lie there awake for hours on end or read books till morning. today i have been printing colourful screen prints from a new screen that i designed last night on the computer. it took me lot longer than i thought to plan out. i followed the double page spread rough that i had done before but i just found it difficult last night. i didn't give up though and carried on and it came out very good indeed which is the first image. the second image are just pieces of that screen put together at random on an A4 size of paper. i did a few of those as i am going to draw on them later on this weekend.

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