30 April 2008

the telly...

...the best and worst friend you could ever have. if you ain't too careful he will lure you into a world of distraction but sometimes he can show you new and interesting things. for the past year or so i have discovered the joy of having more than four channels with the help of a free view box and then the world of sky plus a multitude of channels. now i am slowly turning off the telly and getting back to the world of music and reading. plus by turning off the telly i have realised that i do in fact have that extra day that i have been requesting from the man upstairs. it was hiding in and amongst the other days of the week and the telly. i keep meaning to draw David Tennant as i am challenging myself to draw people but i haven't got round to it yet.


Jennie said...

Yes, telly is rubbish!

But, I must also admit it is seriously easy to get drawn in when there is anything remotely interesting on.

My older sister actually does not have a TV - which I admire, but which I also find a little bit scary.


Draw-a-rama said...

I can't keep up with you debbie! love the telly. have you looked at those discs yet? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?