27 April 2008

sort of new badges...

...i made these shortly after making the bread badges but have only just got round to sewing on the brooch pins as i ran out. i made them ready for zine number two but that is on the to-do list for the moment. i have drawn everything out ready for it but it needs a few hours on potatochop and illustraightner of which i don't want to do at the moment plus i have more important work to be getting on with. Rubidoo in Preston has started stocking my badges. it is a little independent shop just off friargate on adelphi street very much near uni. i hear they are selling well which means the name ladysnail is getting out and about.


Jennie said...

Hi lady Snail! This is fantastic! Exhibition and such cuuute badges! Ace stuff, plus the shop ace, ace - good for you!


natural attrill said...

Great news that your badges are selling in the shop - fantastic!!