15 April 2008


...another etching print that is the same as before but different. above is a photograph of a print that i did today. i had to take a photo as the scanner did not pick up the embossed stamp design. today i cut the copper plate down to size and etched away the stamp outline which took about three and a half hours. i printed one with the stamp design inked up but it was too difficult to keep crisp and clean while preparing the plate with ink prior to printing so i decided to see how it would look if just the robber bird would be inked in therefore leaving the etched stamp design outline to emboss the paper during printing. i am taking part in an artlab exhibition and the submission date is tomorrow and i do not know what to pick to put in. maybe the robber bird and/or the weasel teashop. for now i am off to go do a bit of stitching as i printed the robber bird onto some kind of cotton yesterday and i am trying out some combinations of different techniques and working materials.


Deux Anges said...

Aha! So that's where my missing pajama button went.

Just you wait until I set Evil Ginger Cat(TM) on to you!


ladysnail said...

the evil ginger cat of wharf close apartments is not evil, he is just a tad grumpy lu shin. dx.