07 April 2008


...it unusual for me to not update the blog and so here i am with a photo of the moor hen that does exist. it lives on the canal outside the Manchester flat and i often feed it but that depends if the geese get to the bread first. they are all constantly hungry. moor hens bob around really funny all the time and make me smile and i need something to make me smile at this moment in time. i have been working really hard on the dissertation of doom and i have to admit that i have not been seeing things clearly for a long time when i thought i was. things are worse again so i have gone back to the beginning and am going to work and play around with the robotington button story this evening. so i will be doodling on the spaces Ali created for me tonight to take into uni tomorrow. i suppose it is like rock climbing. i never thought i would do something like rock climbing. it looked too scary and difficult. it wasn't for me, until Lu Shin invited me to go about a month or so ago and so off i went. i enjoyed it more than i thought i would but tried to climb a big tall huge wall too soon and couldn't. i realised that i need to climb little walls first in order to climb big ones.

the poster i ordered from 'advice to sink in slowly' arrived as well. it is beautiful and fits in perfectly with my thoughts and feelings. i must go make a brew as my heart is beating way too fast and i need to calm down.

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Inspector Marmalade said...

its the little moorhen, hooray!!! xoxox love you miss snail