26 April 2008

pool and snooker...

...at the moment i have had to give in and turn the radio off and put the telly on so i can watch the snooker. when we were younger we had a small pool/snooker table to play with and a darts board and we used to go to the pub with the family at weekends. me and my brother would then also play even more pool. i was not very good at it. my excuse is due to James being good i never got a turn and so therefore i could never practise. at i got older i continued to play pool and still do on occasions but it is so damn expensive. it is a pound ago and when we little it was 20p! so i just thought i would share a photo from the sometime in the 1980's of my brother playing pool of some sort. i ain't too sure what he playing as there are balls of different sizes and many different colours. one day i would like to go see a professional game of darts.

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natural attrill said...

I used to love playing pool. When we first moved up here I was reserve for the pool team in our local pub and used to get to play in quite a few league games.