19 April 2008

pencil rough...

...i have nothing to show for today's efforts as it has been a day of little panic. i am sure i will find what i am looking for on Monday so i am going to stay positive. i have some photocopies of my work so i think i can work on somethings till then. i have been re-reading research and brainstorming my last two thousand words or so of the dissertation. so tomorrow is a day of hunting down some acrylic spray for the ceramic ideas and a day of typing up of many words. i have decided to post up a rough of a double page spread that i quite like that has come from the pages i have been doodling. i am planning to take this one to the print room this week to see how it and other bits of the book may look. i have not really done a lot of 'text-typography' screen printing so i think a couple of days experimenting with it and colours are in order. the colour index book by jim krause is fab for ideas and colour combinations so it is just a case of colour mixing in the print room to get them to kind of match up.

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moombaduo- Andy Wong said...

when you've played more i hope you achieve what you wanted out of it:D

The pencil itself is nice with the hatchy scribble shading on the bird andthe teeny arrows, The hand written type is lovu~rly too^-^