24 April 2008

on the good old computer...

...somehow i have managed to layer up some scraper board and a screen print to create a full coloured robber bird. it looks very interesting and i have been playing around with all the possibilities for layering via screen printing. i used to create screen print layers by hand using photo copiers but since last year i have been using potatochop and illustraightener to do so. it makes the process a lot quicker but complicates my ideas. not in a bad way but makes you think more about screen printing and all the different layer combinations and colours and its all very endless like a piece of string. i think i am going to play with hand drawn scribbles now to cover the robber bird's body instead of scraper board. might try and make the scraper board scratches bigger. today i was in the print room all day doing colour swatches and postcards and printing onto calico. the colour swatches are for a double page spread that i am putting onto a screen tomorrow of which he up there is possibly a part of.

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