17 April 2008


...just to say that i have put a 'bird and button' print up on etsy for $30 which is roughly £15. postage and packaging is a little bit etc. the print is one that is the square one which i posted up last week. it is part of a strictly limited edition of ten prints. i am hoping to put an embossed stamp one up as well when it is dry after being pressed and rested for a couple of days. also on the news front, i have submitted two pieces of work to be considered for an artlab exhibition which opens next week on Wednesday evening.


natural attrill said...

We went there a couple of months ago. Lots to see, an interesting place. The space itself on each floor is amazing isnt it, just so huge.
I like the little dog drawings on the serviettes and salt/pepper packets etc in the cafe, did you see them?

Jennie said...

OOohhh sounds good - good luck!